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Replacement SMART sockets fully fitted in your home or business

If you’re looking for a smart plug or smart socket supplied and fitted in your home look no further. Our smart sockets replace the traditional 2 gang wall socket and do away with the need for unsightly smart plug adapter. Our sockets are compatible with both Google assistant and Alexa and can be controlled by app, voice or location.

If you have sockets like this.....

  • You can only switch this on and off by touch

You can replace them with sockets like this.....

Wi-Fi Extender

  • Easy to connect with one-touch WPS
  • Improves Wi-Fi coverage @ 300Mbps
  • Works with all wireless routers
  • Does not require a plug-in adaptor
  • Both sockets free for use
  • USB charging socket

Or better still like this.....

SMART Socket

  • Easy to connect and set up
  • Works with all wireless routers
  • Control by Mobile, Voice and Touch
  • App includes timer/schedule function
  • Both sockets free for use
  • Does not require a plug-in adaptor

How to get your sockets changed

1. Decide on the quantity and type of socket you want.

2. Visit our store and place your order.

3. You will receive a receipt confirming your order.

4. Your sockets will be dispatched direct to you as soon as possible.

5. Once you have the sockets we will send a qualified local electrician to fit your sockets.

6. Follow the simple instructions supplied with your sockets to connect to your network.

7. Enjoy!

Note: All our sockets and installation is fully guaranteed.

Control your home from anywhere in the world.

If you think you forgot to turn the iron or tv off? Turn it off in the car on your way to work.

Teenager playing on video games all night? Turn the power off from your bed.

On your way home with the shopping and its dark? Turn the lights on automatically when you get close to home.

Turn the toaster and kettle on in the morning from your bed. Just ask google or alexa to make breakfast…..